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Classic Africa collar designer necklace set in black and golden yellow

ZAR 400,00 each
Weight: 108 g
Designer: CazCaz

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Created by Caz, this special black-and-gold foil-core beaded collar necklace set offers you a unique bold statement accessory for your special occasions and formal functions.

Designer  Caz     
Category  Africa Fusion    
Items in Set  3 (necklace, earrings, bracelet)    
Colors Black, golden yellow, silver    
Materials  AAA-grade foil-core micro beads, silver-tone metal alloy    
Necklace  13-strand classic Africa beaded collar micro-bead necklace 48 - 60cm (short-medium) 89g 
Clasp  Silver-tone filigree ballclasp    
Earrings  Beaded chain tassels, stud earrings 7.5cm  2g each
Bracelet  5-loop foil-core beaded memory wire with chain tassels 6.5cm diameter 15g 
Accents  Unique design black-golden yellow layered foil-core glass collar necklace